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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

In July, the great flood of 1951 spread over the valleys of the Neosho, the Marias des Cygnes, the Kaw and the Missouri rivers. Nothing was sacred to the boiling waters, leaving only silt and wreckage in its wake. It filled the people with despair and discontent. In Clyde, it left not only these emotions, but also a desperate need for help. He found it in a whiskey bottle…

Excerpt from Signs Along The Way

We had only four days without rain in the entire month of May, and people are getting a little testy. Critters too – the dogs actually want  to go out in the pen, and the chickens are literally cooped-up! I can pop a D vitamin to make me feel a little sunnier, but that doesn’t change the depressing atmosphere. But we hear that relief is right around the corner, so we will keep on keeping on…

Grandma Layton suffered from bouts of depression for much of her life – deep despair that could not be brightened by a sunny day or a vitamin dose. Thirteen electroshock treatments didn’t work, neither did drug therapy or a divorce from her alcoholic husband.

Signs Along the Way, a biography/memoir about Elizabeth “Grandma” Layton, tells of her journey from discontent to joy. Maybe it will encourage others as well. Carla

P.S. The sun just came out!

Signs Along the Way



Vintage Poetry


We’re glad to have you with us,
Dear little month o’ May,
For you are sweet and smiling,
And bonny, bright and gay.

Your sister, dainty April,
Was pretty, but oh my!
The time she spent in pouting!
And then how did she cry!

And noisy March, your brother,
Was turbulent and wild;
On scarcely would have thought him
To be sweet Spring’s own child.

But you, of all Spring’s children,
Are most beloved and dear;
So, merry May, we’re happy
To know that you are here.
– by May Frink Converse