About the 3 Sisters

If an inquisitive somebody were to demand a DNA analysis be done on the 3 sisters, he may not be surprised to find those twisted strands are coated with a healthy dose of printer’s ink, given our pedigree and the many literary contributions from our maternal ancestors:
Great-great-grandaunt Florence Finch Kelly: 19th & 20th century Journalist/Novelist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florence_Finch_Kelly
Grandmother Elizabeth Hope Converse Nichols Layton: Newspaper Publisher/Editor, author, poet and artist. http://www.elizabethlayton.cer Asa Finch Converse: Newspaper Publisher/Editor.
Great-grandmother May Frink Converse: Columnist/Editor and Poet Laureate. http://www.franklincokshistory.org/peom/

kayMother Kay Russell: Newspaper Publisher/Editor, genealogy researcher, columnist and poet.




carla_bioCarla here. Okay, I’m going to get this over with quickly – yes, I am the (slightly) oldest sister. The virtue I bring to this sister partnership is my impatience. While a vice in my youth, impatience has served me well in this self-publishing endeavor. I don’t have what it takes to wait for the perfect agent and/or publisher to accept my manuscript as a future bestseller. After months of research and 20 rejection letters (e-mail’s), I convinced my sisters that we could do all the work ourselves. In this day and age authors are expected to have a killer platform, so I figured if we had to do all the selling anyway, we might as well keep all the hard-earned money!
While I will typeset anything placed before me, I personally practice the Keep It Simple theory for formatting reading material. Maintaining the author’s voice when copy editing and proofreading is my #1 priority, and I truly enjoy creating a print-ready photo or graphic masterpiece.
My time away from the computer is spent in my garden, tending to the chickens, dogs, cats, lawn, garden and house, with help from my husband, James. Oh, and race watching – NASCAR – with #14 Tony Stewart as my favorite driver! Check out 3 Sisters Racing – our other passion…

judy_bioMy name is Judy, and I am the youngest sister. I like walks on the beach, hearing the nicker of a horse in the morning, and a pair of well-kerned letters. I can spot a misspelled word a mile away. Sentence structure is a passion of mine, and I will go to great lengths to find just the right word to convey the thought to be expressed in that sentence. Redundancy in writing is my enemy. Bad grammar makes me crazy! When I look at the National Geographic magazine, my focus is the typography. Just the right mixture of serif and sans serif, ancient mixing with modern, a Wonder World of Words.
The first job for me in this industry was at a little newspaper in Southern California, 1977. A kindly publisher and his wife gave my sister Kathy and me a chance to learn the business, and we’ve been involved in publishing, printing or graphics ever since. And it’s never been a struggle to go to work, that is how much I enjoy what I do. The sisters come from a long line of readers and writers, so we know what is good and what is suspect.
One asset in particular I feel we bring to our partnership is the diversity of our experience, both professionally and personally. A well-rounded life can add an open-minded perspective to any project. Being raised by a single mom helped instill in us an independent nature that has served us well. Mom always said, “You don’t know what these girls can do!”

kathyI’m Kathy, the middle sister- and I have been selling, designing and typesetting since 1977, the last 25 years with husband Joe at our direct mail advertising company. I was diagnosed in 2001 with Rheumatoid Arthritis, so sadly had to turn over my keyboard four years ago when my hands could no longer keep up with deadline demands. I am however, an excellent designer and proofreader and love to research just about anything. My other interests include reading, quilting, my four dogs and three cats, and spending time at the lake – as well as watching NASCAR and my favorite driver, six time Champion Jimmie Johnson and his #48 team!

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