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Goodbye to you, Jarrett, my gentle giant.

You lived as a hound dog should, never penned or chained, free to roam your valley and timber and bluffs. Gentle and easy-going, yet protective when one of us needed you. I once saw you chase down, pick up and shake a grown coyote by the ruff when he took off after Nubsy. I have a feeling that coyote didn’t come around anymore.

When you and your sister Shawna walked up my driveway 13 years ago, I wasn’t sure where you came from, but there wasn’t any question where your home would be. Now that you are gone, only Shawna, Junior, Missy and Tigger are left that knew Mom. You helped make her last years so full, she took care of all of you, and in return all of you gave her a reason to look forward to each day.

We will all miss you so much. I hope the last few years haven’t been too hard on you, I tried to make them as easy as I could. We will miss the way you used to “talk” to us all the time, barking at nothing, just because you could. I will miss our walks, there is not a place in that valley we didn’t explore. I’m so glad that we did it together.

RIP big dog.