Hand-Made by Mom, with love.

A few months ago I had the bright idea of incorporating material from our old dresses – prom, bridesmaid, school clothes – even baby clothes (if there was enough material). My plan was to use bits and pieces as yokes, collars, panels or pockets. I have lots of old patterns from the 70’s, and have become quite retro as I age. Anyway, I came across this box of dresses that Mom had made for her three little girls – and was whisked back in time as I washed, sorted and ironed the tiny creations. I imagined Mom at the iron (at least 54 years ago), and had small flashes of memories – especially while pressing my favorite gold and black dress. Dad had left before I turned four, so I imagined there were a lot of tears shed while doing such domestic work, on top of her job at Sears, and while ironing clothes for neighbors, and caring for her daughters on one income. Mom was an excellent seamstress, and I marveled at the perfection of every detail. So – I won’t be cutting into these dresses any time soon… I really miss Mom, and am comforted to hold onto pieces of her love.

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